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Full Seasons:

2021 Full Race by race (Abu Dhabi helmets missing) + round by round + real qualify
(Original carset by CMT updated race by race NickF60 & Valpaso75)
Phisics, shadow and reflections improved by Valpaso75

2009 Race by race + round by round + real qualify
(PRT mod updated by Valpaso75)

Cars updates & fix:

2013 Fix: Numbers for flags
2010 Cars and tires reflections, shadows and hdv fixed/updated
2010 Bonus: Drivers Hill & Prost tester on Redbull + Tires Pirelli for test
2010 Fix: Hispania number fixed
1999-2003 Graphics Icons and showrooms updated
1999-2003 Livery selector inserted updated race by race (1999 updates by Malcolm Dewberry) + round by round + real qualify
2003 Bonus liveries: Test liveries Jordan, Minardi and tires Avon
2002 Bonus cars: Phoenix project, Asiatech project, Minardi Teach time 2 seats, Arrows School 2/3 Seats
2002 Bonus liveries: Test cars Renault, Arrows and Toyota AM01
2001 Bonus cars: Toyota AM01 test car
2000 Bonus liveries: Arrows PSX livery
1999 Bonus cars: Honda test car
1999 Bonus liveries: Test cars Bar, Sauber, Williams, Hakkinen
(1999-2003 test liveries by Martin LauLo and Nelson Luis updated and adapted)
1997 Update: Race by race liveries updates by Malcolm Dewberry
1993 Bonus cars: Prost tester
1991 Update: Dallara livery by Mark Anderson
1990 Update: Coloni livery by Mark Anderson
1989 Update: Benetton livery plus Coloni livery and hdv by Mark Anderson
1987 Update: Race by race liveries updates by Mark Anderson
1987 Fix: Helmets with faces by Valpaso75
1986 Update: Benetton race by race by Mark Anderson
1978 Updates and fix: Liveries and hdv by Mark Anderson
1976 Updates: liveries updated by Mark Anderson
1975 Fix: Hdv files by Mark Anderson


2021 Jeddah by Lucho converted by Lee67
1958-1960 Porto new version Luigi70 with improvement Christian Luis and final fix Valpaso75
Bonus track: Ukraina Chakya

2021 set / Pictures sponsors and statistics
2021 Losail night updated by Valpaso75 x F1

2005-2021 Istanbul road by Valpaso75

Mark Anderson AIW and CAM:
Buenos Aires 1978,1975
Adelaide 1988
Zeltweg 1975,1978
Baku 2017
Sakhir 2008
Spa 1988
Zolder 1975,1988
Interlagos 1975,1996
Jacarepagua 1978,1988
Montreal 1978,1988
Le Castellet 1975,1978,1988
Brands Hatch 1978
Silverstone 1975,1988
Hockenheim 1978,1988
Nurburgring 1975
Hungaroring 1988
Imola 1988
Monza 1975,1978,1988
Suzuka 1988
Mexico 1988
Monaco 1971,1975,1988
Zandvoort 1975,1988
Estoril 1988
Sochi 2018-2021
Kyalami 1975,1978
Jarama 1978
Jerez 1988
Montjuic 1975
Anderstop 1975


Updated Movies with new intro video
Gizmo and selector updates & fixed Giancarlo Personeni/Valpaso75
Updated terrains files to support more circuits by Chrisian Luis

If you appreciate this incredible work please donate something
to make it possible in future

Minifix to extract copy and paste after you end installed the patch:

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