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VB AS 20.4

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Full set of flags and numbers working in all seasons on grid


1959 Race by race + Round by Round + Real qualify
Original carset Luigi70 adapdet and improved by Valpaso75
2019 Full set of Haas liveries fixed by Maté Bodi
2020 Abu Dhabi Mercedes liveries by Sergio Nicolas Masia


Mark Anderson
1977-1981 Buenos Aires AIW, CAM and MAS
1982 Long Beach MAS
1984 Zolder AIW
1984 Brands Hatch AIW and CAM
1984 Nurburgring AIW and CAM
1984 Monaco AIW and CAM
1984 Zandvoort AIW
1984 Kyalami AIW and CAM
1984 Dallas AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Zeltweg AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Jacarepagua AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Montreal AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Dijon AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Hockenheim AIW, CAM and MAS
1984,1986 Imola AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Monza AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Estoril AIW and CAM
1984,1986 Detroit AIW and CAM
1986 Adelaide CAM
1986 Spa CAM
1986 Hungaroring CAM
1986 Mexico AIW and CAM
1986 Jerez AIW and MAS
1991 Phoenix AIW and CAM
2005 Indianapolis GDB
2018-2020 Spa AIW

2007,2017 Macao (credits inside)

Cars & fix:

1976 Fittipaldi FD03 fix by Mark Anderson
1977 Perkins Boro helmet by Mark Anderson
1980 Hertl helmet by Mark Anderson
2020 Albon & Gasly fixed numbers


If you appreciate this incredible work please donate something
to make it possible in future



KNOW BUG: Jordan flag must be delete because causing Jordan liveries bug.
Must be renamed in Jordanian in all vehicles folders.
Wait the automatic update in next patch, or download the

VB AS 20.4 Fix
The patch fix Jordan flag bug and add full set helmet race by race 2020


as usual must be done after installed the version F1VBAS20.4
do not insert the fix before the patch.

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