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VB AS 19.0.0

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### The 2019 MOD ###
F1 Challenge will never die


2019 New full Season with race by race livery selctor up to Azerbaijan GP
(do not select race number >4 \\ Test livery = 0 )
All f1-2019 cars and skins was making by
[RMS]Randolf from his GTR2-Mod:
RMS-F1-2019 V1.1", converted,
modified and adapdet to F1 Challenge VB
mod with permission of Randolf Menebr÷cker

2018 Race by race liveries updated
1998 Race by race with liveries selector inserted


Azerbaijan lightest version converted by Valpaso75, fix by Cristian Luis & Laura Marulanda
Macau new
Malaysia player postions fixed by Laura Marulanda
2015-2019 Monaco lightest new

Cars & fix:

1993 Jordan drivers helmet fixed
2001 Minardi Italy,USA,Japan fixed
2018 New Bottas Helmet


New terrain 2018-2019 by Laura Marulanda
2018-2019 Track-competitivity


If you appreciate this incredible work please donate something
to make it possible in future




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